On 3/25/2016 11:55 AM, Joerg Bornkessel wrote:
Am 24.03.2016 um 07:35 schrieb Mika Laitio:
Does anybody know whether there is a working ATSC vdr-plugin
available somewhere?

I found some old discussions from the some ATSC plug-in from the
mailing list pointing to http://www.fepg.org/ but from those I got
an impression that plug-in is not actively maintained?

So fat I have tested that I can scan and look the channels fine
with the Kaffeine and WinTV-HVR-950Q, but in the long run I would
be more interested on running the VDR in normal way on background


ATSC is supported in the Core VDR.
Iam kontakted the Maintainer Alex Lasnier a lot of month ago for an
update for the
This plugin is definitely dead on upstream since 2010 and is not
supported by the Maintainer anymore.
The maintainer has give me access to his privat git for some local
fixes by him self.
I dont remeber for this link.
You can download the latest version atscepg-0.3.0 from fepg.org
and you need an aditional patch from my dev webspace to get the latest
fixes from him.


also you have to disable -std=c++11 support on latest gcc versions to
fix c++11 issues on compiletime.

I have this tested only for compile as i dont have access to atsc conten



I have been using this plugin for years. Haven't touched the computer in years as far as updating kernal or vdr. It says the version for ATSC 0.3.0hg. I think the main use of the plugin is channel scanning to find what channels are active. But For me it segfaults 95% of the time. Seems like maybe something in the stream. Because every so often, It works just fine. I can scan over and over no problem. But most of the time it segfaults as soon as you tell it to scan.

Another problem I have here in Tucson is the broadcasters don't know what a standard is. There is some flag the don't set to tell vdr there is guide data, so it's not collected even though a cheap converter box has no problem with it. But then they are doing good to put up more then a day or 2 of data anyway and PBS for awhile put in stream what was posted at all the web sites, but then made up their own guide and you had to go to a local web site to get the real guide.

Also, several of our channels are broadcast from 2 locations on different frequencys, but carry the same data. VDR doesn't know how to handle that, so you have to delete one of the entries. My old sony tv and others have the same problem. They see the second copy and pick some new number based on the frequancy number instead of the assigned number. A bit of a pain. Looks like it might be fixed in newer high end tv's (and the old cheap converter box also had no problem with dupe channel numbers.)

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