On 09.09.2016 07:01, Richard Scobie wrote:
Replying to my own post, it looks like this crash on deleting recordings is 
probably not due to dvbhddevice plugin, as others have experienced it, 
according to comment no. 26 in this thread:



This comment and replies from yourself were  a year ago.

Good heavens! Has it been a year already?!
Time is really flying...

Have you found a solution yet and it's due out in the next release, or would 
you like me to do any other testing or to provide any other information?

"vdr-2.3.1-fixcrashdelrec.diff" and "vdr-2.3.1-grantrecursivewritelocks-2.diff" 
the only two fixes I have. I sincerely hope to find more time for VDR 
development in
the not so distant future. This past year I was rather busy with lots of other 
And of course any known fixes will go into the next version.


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