Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
On 09.09.2016 21:14, Richard Scobie wrote:
The "recordings" menu is no longer navigable - the highlit entry will
not move and more than one iten in the list will become highlighted.

Yes, I have this, too. No fix yet, though.
Just press the Up or Down key in such a case and you get the cursor back.
Ignore the previous (stuck) cursor. I guess this is the typical flaw that
just isn't causing enough trouble to get fixed right away... ;-)

Interesting. In my case, opening Recordings menu places a the highlighted recording in the centre of the list.

A single "Up" press scrolls the list and places the highlighted recording at the botoom of the list. Furthur Up key presses have no effect.

A Down key press at this point moves the highlighted event down one entry and scrolls the list so that this is at the top of the list. Further Down key presses have no effect.



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