I'm pleased to announce that version 2 of vdr-convert has been released
over at https://projects.vdr-developer.org/projects/vdr-convert.

There are several significant new features:

* Option to convert to H265/HEVC via new -v switch, with potential for
file size 1/2 of H264, 1/4 of MPEG2

* Multiple format options in single-use/batch modes via -f flag: avi,
mkv, mp4, mov, m2ts, ts, aac, m4a and mp3

* A new debug function facilitated testing and the creation of an
extensive player/format/stream compatibility matrix at:
"/In summary, some players are good for almost all formats, and if you
don't need subtitles or automatic aspect ratio switching, most players
will play most formats" /

* Added support for Fraunhofer AAC codec and libmp3lame codec for mp3
via new -a switch

* Added automatic conversion of AC3/DTS streams in VDR1.x recordings
(thanks for sample recording contributions from this list)

* Added automatic conversion of editing marks to .edl files for Kodi,
mplayer in single-use mode

* Info, warn and error criticality for different types of problems +
optional email at criticality "error"

* Conversion runtime + realtime/runtime ratio logged

* Wiki extensively updated with new options at

+Various other fixes and improvements; todo's cleared



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