Hi Thomas.

Do you know TBS ISDB-T cards?

Quad tuner https://www.tbsdtv.com/products/tbs6814-isdb-t-quad-tuner-pcie-card.html

and multistandard octa tuner https://www.tbsdtv.com/products/tbs6209-dvb-t2-c2-tc-isdbt-octatv-tuner.html

Kind regrads


El 04/08/2015 a las 7:06, Thomas Netousek escribió:

Hi Christian,

thanks for sharing your experience !

Do you know of any good ISDB-T internal cards ?
I looked around, but for DVB-T I find many dual receiver cards, for ISDB-T it looks like there are "only" single-receiver USB sticks ?

Kind regards from Vienna, Austria


On 08/04/15 08:12, Christian Rodriguez wrote:
Hello everyone! I'm from Argentina, and up to last month I've been using VDR 1.7.262 with an ISDB-T USB adapter. It works really good, but the last week I've been trying to upgrade to VDR 2.2 and I've found a problem with ISDB-T cards: they are not supported.

As I'm really interested in using VDR, I was digging inside the code and found a partial solution for this problem: as ISDBT is the same as DVBT, I've changed the way delivery system is queried. My changes are applied in a cloned repo at github:


That's the only change I've made. Now I can enjoy my fresh upgraded VDR installation!!

I think a better refactor should be made, but for now it's working perfectly deployed as a docker container: https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/chrodriguez/vdr

Thanks for this wonderfull project!
Lic. Christian A. Rodriguez

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