* Adam Litke (a...@us.ibm.com) wrote:
> https://github.com/aglitke/vdsm-rest/
> Today I am releasing a proof of concept implementation of a REST API for vdsm.
> You can find the code on github.  My goal is to eventually replace the current
> xmlrpc interface with a REST API.  Once completed, ovirt-engine could switch 
> to
> this new API.  The major advantages to making this change are: 1) VDSM will 
> gain
> a structured API that conceptually, structurally, and functionally aligns with
> the ovirt-engine REST API, 2) this new API can be made public, thus providing 
> an
> entry point for direct virtualization management@the node level.

Adam, this looks like a nice PoC.  I didn't see how API versioning is
handled.  Any VDSM developers willing to review this work?

> ovirt-engine wants to subscribe to asynchronous events.  REST APIs do not
> typically support async events and instead rely on polling of resources.  I am
> investigating what options are available for supporting async events via REST.

I think typical is either polling or long polling.  If it's a single
resource, then perhaps long polling would be fine (won't be a large
number of connections tied up if it's only a single resource).

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