I was trying to disconnect a already connected spool, but how do i find the scsi-key value that is needed to disconnectStoragePool cmd ? Using getStoragePoolInfo does not dump the scsi-key value, so how are we
supposed to deduce the scsi-key ?

Also curious to know, what exactly is scsi-key and what does it signify ?

It would be good to have some documentation on each of the parameters, since its not possible to logically
deduce what is what, eg: scsi-key

Pls see below on what i was trying... Inputs appreciated.

[root@llm65 vdsm]# vdsClient -s 0 disconnectStoragePool
Error using command: list index out of range

<spUUID> <id> <scsi-key>
    Disconnect a Host from the specific storage pool

[root@llm65 vdsm]#
[root@llm65 vdsm]# vdsClient -s 0 getStoragePoolInfo 32e59372-53d8-4bdf-b419-e3675a7250e0
    name = dc-fc
isoprefix = /rhev/data-center/32e59372-53d8-4bdf-b419-e3675a7250e0/a8fadc24-76a4-490a-851c-79ce5eca0e61/images/11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111
    pool_status = connected
    lver = 2
domains = a8fadc24-76a4-490a-851c-79ce5eca0e61:Active,819f3687-65c8-4dc1-bc5e-5d596584d9bf:Active
    master_uuid = 819f3687-65c8-4dc1-bc5e-5d596584d9bf
    version = 2
    spm_id = 1
    type = FCP
    master_ver = 1
a8fadc24-76a4-490a-851c-79ce5eca0e61 = {'status': 'Active', 'alerts': []} 819f3687-65c8-4dc1-bc5e-5d596584d9bf = {'status': 'Active', 'diskfree': '94220845056', 'alerts': [], 'disktotal': '106971529216'}

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