On 03/01/2012 11:18 PM, Saggi Mizrahi wrote:
scsi-key is not really used. Just pass 0 and ignore it. I was originally 
planned to accommodate scsi reservation.
When we will support scsi reservation the interface will probably be completely 

Hi Saggi, thanks for the quick response.
It would be good to document the usage of params for each of the VDSM CLI commands, on the ovirt wiki ?
It will help immensely.

I also apologize for constantly missing you on IRC.
I Tried to reply but you were already disconnected when I noticed your message.

Not a problem, I hope to catch you over ML to get my answers ;)

Quick Q, I remember you saying having ur own vdsm cli tools to manage VMs. Can they be shared ? ;-) I am looking fwd to use vdscli for exploiting sharedFS, and am using http://www.ovirt.org/wiki/Vdsm_Standalone as the base, but i cannot run it again and again unless i clean off the prev stuff (pool, domains etc).
Wondering if you already had something that i could use to expedite it ?

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Subject: [vdsm] How to find scsi-key param for disconnectStoragePool ?

I was trying to disconnect a already connected spool, but how do i
the scsi-key value that is needed
to disconnectStoragePool cmd ? Using getStoragePoolInfo does not dump
the scsi-key value, so how are we
supposed to deduce the scsi-key ?

Also curious to know, what exactly is scsi-key and what does it
signify ?

It would be good to have some documentation on each of the
since its not possible to logically
deduce what is what, eg: scsi-key

Pls see below on what i was trying... Inputs appreciated.

[root@llm65 vdsm]# vdsClient -s 0 disconnectStoragePool
Error using command: list index out of range

<spUUID>  <id>  <scsi-key>
      Disconnect a Host from the specific storage pool

[root@llm65 vdsm]#
[root@llm65 vdsm]# vdsClient -s 0 getStoragePoolInfo
      name = dc-fc
      isoprefix =
      pool_status = connected
      lver = 2
      domains =
      master_uuid = 819f3687-65c8-4dc1-bc5e-5d596584d9bf
      version = 2
      spm_id = 1
      type = FCP
      master_ver = 1
      a8fadc24-76a4-490a-851c-79ce5eca0e61 = {'status': 'Active',
'alerts': []}
      819f3687-65c8-4dc1-bc5e-5d596584d9bf = {'status': 'Active',
'diskfree': '94220845056', 'alerts': [], 'disktotal': '106971529216'}

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