Upstream will not currently build because of the following patch:

commit 1d4f220616ca6fc014bbdfef7b826a16ed608ddf
Author: y kaplan <>
Date:   Thu Apr 5 18:02:40 2012 +0300

    Added guestIFTests
    Change-Id: I8b5138296c098826f149c26d38fd2bfce8794fe4
    Reviewed-by: Dan Kenigsberg <>
    Tested-by: Dan Kenigsberg <>

It's import utils before setting up constants.
The reason it worked for the committer is that it had VDSM installed on the 
host so it could import vdsm from site-packages.
Please note that when writing tests and try to test with a clean host.
We are in the process of having Jenkins plug in to Gerrit to do it for us 
before we actually commit and break the build. But until then please double 
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