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Subject: [vdsm] Re-code /etc/init.d/functions script with Python and move it    
to vdsm-tool

Hi All,

I am working on moving vdsm.init script to vdsm-tool. But the
script uses some of functions from /etc/init.d/functions. So I plan
re-code the /etc/init.d/functions or part of it with python code and
also move it to vdsm-tool.  Is it okey?
Ah thanks for asking, this is something dear to me :)
Basically the init file shouldn't be in python and should look as much as
possible like the standard one:


All the rest should be moved to vdsm-tool as:
Hi Federico, Dan,

I am working on moving install/uninstall hooks out of vdsm.spec.in file to
its own script, the previous patches have been posted to gerrit as links below:


According to Dan's comment, I am working on the code about encapsulating each
logical function into vdsm-tool function too.

Saw the discussion, I'd like to ask you what you think of how to encapsulate
it to vdsm-tool, re-code the scripts in python or just put the scripts
under the framework of vdsm-tool?


- check_port_taken
- mk_data_center
- mk_dom_backup
- mk_upgrade_path
- mk_core_path
- mk_run_path
- get_libvirt_conf_item
- test_conflicting_conf
- shutdown_conflicting_srv (on fedora this is taken care by systemd)
- upstart_libvirt
- start_needed_srv (on fedora this is taken care by systemd)
- test_lo
- free_space
- test_space
- bond_dev_available
- load_needed_modules
- test_already_running
- configure_libvirt
- configure_sysctl

Feel free to regroup the actions as you want (maybe it would make sense
to have just one function with all the mk_* commands, etc...)

So to answer your question, no, you shouldn't need to re-code the init.d



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