I was looking at resolving pep8 issues in vdsm/storage/blockVolume.py. Haven't been able to resolve the below.. Pointers appreciated.

vdsm/storage/blockVolume.py:99:55: E225 missing whitespace around operator
vdsm/storage/blockVolume.py:148:28: E201 whitespace after '{'
vdsm/storage/blockVolume.py:207:28: E701 multiple statements on one line (colon)

line 99:  cls.log.warn("Could not get size for vol %s/%s using optimized
googling i found some links indicating this pep8 warning is incorrect.

line 148: cls.__putMetadata({ "NONE": "#" * (sd.METASIZE-10) }, metaid)
It gives some other error if i remove the whitespace after {

line 206 & 207:
raise se.VolumeCannotGetParent("blockVolume can't get parent %s for
                  volume %s: %s" % (srcVolUUID, volUUID, str(e)))
I split this line to overcome the > 80 error, but unable to decipher what this error means ?


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