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Leaving only vdsm-devel.

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If sysadmin manually enables dumps, he may do this at a
location of
his own choice.

Note that we've just swapped hats: you're arguing for letting a
admin log in and mess with system configuration, and I'm for
centralized feature for storing and collecting core dumps.

As problems like crashes are investigated per case and reproduction
But again, I may be wrong and we should have VDSM API command to
start/stop storing dumps and manage this via its master...

I very much like this idea.  There was a thread a while back
discussing[1] the this very idea; I was looking for a way to enable
'debugging' mode as well as a way to programatically collect
info (which could include host stats, guest stats, logs and any core

Certainly in such a scenario, being able to enable/disable varous
features of a debugging mode could include whether to enable core
as well as where to save them on the host.


Yes, I read this, however, I am unsure that debug and low level
collections should be implemented as in-band interface and not

After many of years handling crappy bug reports that don't include the
data needed for debugging, such as log files and other settings, and
spending weeks going back and forth with the submitter on collecting
what and where and how to collect it,  I'm confident that having
something that can programtically enable debugging on-demand and
providing a way to collect the relative data (logs, cores, etc) would
make a dramatic improvement when handing these support issues.

I'm also a firm believer in lowering the barriers for consumption.

IIUC, a side-band tool is going to require additional
configuration/authenitication; and will ultimately need to access the
API anyhow to determine various information about the specific VM.

With that in mind, why wouldn't we want to look at a first-class debug
API mode which can be used remotely and programatically?

A better question is, what are the drawbacks to having it in-band?

isn't this what the ovirt-log-collector is for?

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