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connectStorageRepository(repoId, repoFormat,
repoId - is a transient name that will be used to refer to the
connected domain, it is not persisted and doesn't have to be the
same across the cluster.
repoFormat - Similar to what used to be type (eg. localfs-1.0,
nfs-3.4, clvm-1.2).
connectionParameters - This is format specific and will used to
tell VDSM how to connect to the repo.

Where does repoID come from? I think repoID doesn't exist before
connectStorageRepository() return.  Isn't repoID a return value of
No, repoIDs are no longer part of the domain, they are just a
transient handle.
The user can put whatever it wants there as long as it isn't
already taken by another currently connected domain.

So what happens when user mistakenly gives a repoID that is in use
before.. there should be something in the return value that specifies
the error and/or reason for error so that user can try with a
repoID ?
Asi I said, connect fails if the repoId is in use ATM.

so how do add connections to the repo without first disconnecting it ("extend storage domain" flow)?
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