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> > 1) Can you provide more info on why there is a exception for 'lvm
> > based
> > block domain'. Its not coming out clearly.
> File based domains are responsible for syncing up object manipulation 
> (creation\deletion)
> The backend is responsible for making sure it all works either by having a 
> single writer (NFS) or having it's own locking mechanism (gluster).
> In our LVM based domains VDSM is responsible for basic object manipulation.
> The current design uses an approach where there is a single host responsible 
> for object creation\deleteion it is the SRM\SDM\SPM\S?M.
> If we ever find a way to make it fully clustered without a big hit in 
> performance the S?M requirement will be removed form that type of domain.

I would like to see us maintain a LOCALFS domain as well.  For this, we would
also need SRM, correct?

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