Hi guys,

You may notice recently I work on porting VDSM to Ubuntu. I managed to
run VDSM functional tests with some hacks in the code, then I documented
the hacks and try to create long term solution patches for them [1].

I'm a bit stuck on the two files, vdsmd.init.in and vdsm.spec.in. I made
a lot of small modifications to vdsmd.init.in to make it work in Ubuntu.
Firstly I try to do it in the GNU autotools way to add more macros to
this file, and make it adapt to Ubuntu. Then I find this file is already
somewhat complicated, adding more macros to configure.ac and this file
would make it worse. So I created a separate init file for Ubuntu based
on vdsmd.init.in, but I find the structure and most part of the new file
is the same as the original one. Dan suggests me break the init file
into small functions and put the functions in vdsm-tool. I think this
job may take long time and delay the process of porting VDSM. You can
have a look at my modifications to this file at [2].

I have another idea. I can create a vdsm-contrib sub-directory under the
VDSM source directory. Then put a
vdsm-contrib/ubuntu/vdsmd.init.in.patch file in it. When the user build
VDSM in Ubuntu, he can firstly patch the vdsmd.init.in. In this way we
avoid creating more complicated macros and re-use the existing code. We
do not have to maintain vdsmd.init.in.patch. There is no promise on this
file to be patched cleanly in the long term. For now I can write new
upates for vdsm-contrib/ubuntu temporarily. Once Ubuntu accept VDSM, we
have them maintain the init file. How does this plan sound like?

As regarding to vdsm.spec.in, I find there are some shell scripts to be
executed during/after the installation. When I'm on Ubuntu, I grab the
scripts out of vdsm.spec and run them to make VDSM work. If I want to
create .deb files, these scripts should be re-used. Otherwise the spec
file for .deb contains duplicated content from spec file for .rpm. My
idea is crab these script out of .spec.in and create standalone scripts
like vdsm_postInstall.sh. Then we distribute these script in vdsm
package and invoke them after installation.

If I could successfully port these two files, it would be a big step
closer to my final goal. Could anyone gives me some suggestions? Really

[1] http://www.ovirt.org/VDSM_on_Ubuntu

Thanks and best regards!

Zhou Zheng Sheng / 周征晟
E-mail: zhshz...@linux.vnet.ibm.com
Telephone: 86-10-82454397

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