ovirt still doesn't configure NTP on host installation and relies on
administrator not forgetting to set it up correctly, mainly because it
is quite hard to configure it correctly automatically.

There is one thing IMO that could be configured automatically and that
could alleviate situation somewhat: make hosts in the cluster NTP peers
so that when clocks go wrong in the cluster for any reason, the error is
the same on all hosts in the cluster.

The files could be stored in /etc/{ntp,chrony}/vdsm.conf for instance
and referenced with includefile or include ..." in /etc/ntp.conf
or /etc/chrony.conf respectively.

What seems tricky though is that non-Up hosts should be excluded from
peer list because there are higher chances that their clocks are not
configured properly, so engine (or some host?) should trigger changes to
NTP configuration pretty frequently.

What do you think about these issues? I don't want to report bugs/RFEs
on topic before I'll see your reply.



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