Nominating Toni Puimedon and/or Mark Wu as maintainers

During their recent year-or-two of participation in Vdsm development,
both Toni and Mark has demonstrated a genuine care for the health and
evolution of the the project.

They both carry this hard-to-quantify quality of serious-mindedness when
reviewing patches.

Toni's 73 committed patches touch everything that is related to network
configuration and reporting

     27 vdsm/
     11 lib/vdsm/
      8 vdsm/
      8 tests/
      7 vdsm/
      7 vdsm/netconf/
      5 vdsm/
      4 vdsm/

... similar to Mark's 80:

     16 vdsm/
     12 vdsm/netconf/
     12 vdsm/
      7 vdsm/
      6 lib/vdsm/
      5 vdsm/
      5 vdsm/
      4 vdsm/
      4 vdsm/
      4 vdsm/

I suggest that both of them obtain +2/-2 rights, in the understanding
that they are to be used on net-related parts of the code. This is
particularly important given my nearing, relatively long, vacation.

What do you say?

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