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Apparently due to commit:

    commit a3b4b2cb6ee0ea8dbe04413882d52d8a0e776ef8
    Author: Eduardo Warszawski <ewars...@redhat.com>
    Date:   Wed Jul 31 04:49:52 2013 +0300

        Avoid Img and Vol produces in fileVolume.getV*Size

    No need for produce Images and Volumes for get the volume path
    when calculating the size.
    Related to BZ#960952, BZ#769502.

which adds the line:

    volPath = os.path.join(sdobj.mountpoint, sdobj.sdUUID, 'images',

the test in $subj, FileVolumeGetVSizeTest is broken, since it calls:

    volSize = FileVolume.getVSize(self.sdobj, self.imgUUID, self.volUUID)

that uses FileDomainMockObject (which does not have a mountpoint), resulting in

   AttributeError: 'FileDomainMockObject' object has no attribute 'mountpoint'

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