Hi All,
There were 2 learnings from BZ https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=988299

1) Gluster RPM deps were not proper in VDSM when using Gluster Storage Domain. This has been partly addressed by the gluster-devel thread @ http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gluster-devel/2013-08/msg00008.html and will be fully addressed once Gluster folks ensure their packaging is friendly enuf for VDSM to consume just the needed bits. Once that happens, i will be sending a patch to vdsm.spec.in to update the gluster
deps correctly. So this issue gets addressed in near term.

2) Gluster storage domain needs minimum libvirt 1.0.1 and qemu 1.3.

libvirt 1.0.1 has the support for representing gluster as a network block device and qemu 1.3 has the native support for gluster block backend which supports gluster://... URI way of representing a gluster based file (aka volume/vmdisk in VDSM case). Many distros (incl. centos 6.4 in the BZ) won't have qemu
1.3 in their distro repos! How do we handle this dep in VDSM ?

Do we disable gluster storage domain in oVirt engine if VDSM reports qemu < 1.3 as part of getCapabilities ?
Do we ensure qemu 1.3 is present in ovirt.repo assuming ovirt.repo is always present on VDSM hosts in which case when VDSM gets installed, qemu 1.3 dep in vdsm.spec.in will install qemu 1.3 from the ovirt.repo instead of the distro repo. This means vdsm.spec.in will have qemu >= 1.3 under Requires.

What will be a good way to handle this ?
Appreciate your response


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