On 09/10/2013 05:32 PM, Shahar Havivi wrote:
On 10.09.13 22:02, bigclouds wrote:
hi, shaharh:
recently i work on injecting file into guestvm, i find a hook called  
injectfile in vdsm.
i have a confusion about   why injectfile hook takes qcow2 format as a special 
one which can not be handled?
could you tell me your reason?

as i know libguestfs certainly can be aware of qcow2 and all its feature like 
backing_file  etc.
it is a little hard to inject files into a image which has backing files(maybe 
backing chain)  especially for images of block type with thin-providing. like a 
vm in pool.
i am now writing code to inject files into a vm in pool.
please tell me your ideas. and my questoin.
It should work with qcow2, when this hook was written we had some issues that
we limit the format to raw.
did you try to modify the hook script? (by removing the qcow only condition)

the issues still stand for block storage iirc, since there is no lvextend flow during hook flow.
for file based domain, i think it will be ok

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