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> From: "Dan Kenigsberg" <dan...@redhat.com>
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> Sent: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 1:55:03 PM
> Subject: suggesting Yaniv Bronheim as ovirt-3.3 branch maintainer
> Recently, the Vdsm branch ovirt-3.3 was rebased on a
> relatively-stabilized vdsm-4.13.0.
> As discussed elsewhere, oVirt-3.3.1 is expected to be a relatively large
> micro version. Plenty of bug fixes are expected to be suggested to this
> branch.
> Currently, Federico is responsible to merge patches for oVirt-3.3.1,
> with my assistance. I would like to nominate Yaniv to join us in this
> delicate task: on one hand we should fix as many problems, but on the
> other hand - avoid regressions and needless surprises. It is a micro
> version after all.
> Yaniv has a wide understanding of Vdsm internals, and I am certain he
> would know how to solve problems introduced by patches approved by him.
> Please grant him +2 and merge rights on the ovirt-3.3 branch of vdsm.


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