Hey Everybody,
FYI, Recently we merged a fix that changes the way vdsmd starts. Before that 
"service vdsmd start" command performed its main logic in addition to related 
services manipulation, as configure libvirt service and restart it for example.
Now we are trying to avoid that and only alert the user if restart or other 
operations on related services are required.

So now when you perform vdsmd start after clear installation you will see:
~$ sudo service vdsmd restart
Shutting down vdsm daemon: 
vdsm watchdog stop                                         [  OK  ]
vdsm: not running                                          [FAILED]
vdsm: Running run_final_hooks
vdsm stop                                                  [  OK  ]
supervdsm start                                            [  OK  ]
vdsm: Running run_init_hooks
vdsm: Running gencerts
hostname: Unknown host
vdsm: Running check_libvirt_configure
libvirt is not configured for vdsm yet
Perform 'vdsm-tool libvirt-configure' before starting vdsmd
vdsm: failed to execute check_libvirt_configure, error code 1
vdsm start                                                 [FAILED]

This asks you to run "vdsm-tool libvirt-configure"
After running it you should see:

~$ sudo vdsm-tool libvirt-configure
Stopping libvirtd daemon: [  OK  ]
libvirt is not configured for vdsm yet
Reconfiguration of libvirt is done.

To start working with the new configuration, execute:
'vdsm-tool libvirt-configure-services-restart'
This will manage restarting of the following services:
libvirtd, supervdsmd

After performing: 'vdsm-tool libvirt-configure-services-restart' you are ready 
to start vdsmd again as usual.

All those vdsm-tool commands require root privileges, otherwise it'll alert and 
stop the operation.
Over systemd the errors\output can be watched in /var/log/messages

Yaniv Bronhaim.
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