Things we've discussed

- pending iscsi dependency (fixed master branch since meeting)

- We should strive to keep master usable by el6 (and other supported

  We forgot to discuss the issue blocking our spec-checking jenkins job:
  cpopen collision. Yaniv, are there any updates on that?

- function storage/virt tests needs a parent and extension. Ayal says
  that A storage developer was assigned to that task, expect improvement
  within weeks.

- Vdsm is asked to report information about various VM-related long
  processes: VM migration, live storage migration, live merge. There was
  a universal agreement that getAllVmStats is a reasonable place to add
  those. Michal, Saggi, would it be fine?

- failing `make distcheck`: Toni to try monkey-patching the constants
  module when the schema is built.

- Nir's mock module needs review, and later - a decision. There was a
  disagreement regarding its necessity/helpfulness.

See ya!
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