Case Studies
- Dave Neary just published his interview with Martin Goldstone and
  Gary Lloyd, system administrators at the Keele university

  (we'd be happy to have more case studies, please contact Dave if you
  are willing to do one - its mostly just an interview with him)

oVirt 3.3

- 3.3.1 with a slew of updates is finally out.

- 3.3.2 beta planned once we GA 3.3.1.

- sample scheduler plugins available here

oVirt 3.4

- planning is on going, please join and help make oVirt better
  (clearly, only items with devel owners will make it)


- Einav presented at an oVirt booth in LISA 2013 (Washington, DC)

- Fosdem virt & IaaS devroom CFP[1] is open till December 1st

  We also requested a stand/table/booth to demo oVirt
  (we'd love if oVirt users visiting Fosdem would volunteer to help man
  the stand/demo)

- KVM Forum/CloudOpen sessions available

Cross Distro
- guest agent packages are now available for OpenSUSE 12.3, 13.1 and
  Factory, and SLES 11 SP3.
  (thanks Vinzenz for pushing and René for testing)

- Ubuntu packages pushed by Zhou Zheng Sheng.

- How To: Get oVirt 3.2 All-In-One working on Scientific Linux 6.4 (With

- How to manage multiple nodes with oVirt (Japanese)

- oVirt node has a new plugin, allowing it to be used for The Foreman
  host discovery

- how to use virt-sysprep with oVirt/RHEV

- script to easily move VMs by name from export domain

- some oVirt and Dell Equalogic issues discussions

- Intro to oVirt on Fedora (Spanish)

- Christophe Fergeau published libgovirt 0.3.0 (storage domains, cd-rom
  and certificate handling improvements)

- helper script by Humble to print list of VMs and their nic/mac/ip

- Want to play with oVirt Neutron and GRE Tunneling?

- How To: Install rhev-agents on Scientific Linux 6x

- How To: Convert a server running on VMware ESXi 5x to oVirt 3.2
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