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> Sent: Monday, November 25, 2013 10:16:16 PM
> Subject: Pending Self-Hosted-Engine Patches in ovirt-3.3.2
> An important feature of ovirt-3.3 has not made it to the ovirt-3.3.0
> deadline: http://www.ovirt.org/Features/Self_Hosted_Engine.
> It would allow to run Engine as a VM on top one of the hosts controlled
> by itself, saving resources and allowing high availablity
> out-of-the-box.
> The feature was not ready on time for the ovirt-3.3.0 release but now
> its Engine-side patches are merged, and its Vdsm-side patches are
> pending aproval for entry into Vdsm's stable branch.
>     http://gerrit.ovirt.org/20189

We can skip this patch as it's unrelated (transient disks for the backup API).

>     http://gerrit.ovirt.org/20190
>     http://gerrit.ovirt.org/20191
>     http://gerrit.ovirt.org/20192
>     http://gerrit.ovirt.org/20193
>     http://gerrit.ovirt.org/20194
>     http://gerrit.ovirt.org/20209

My problem with 20209 is that it *seems* to be the cause of a regression:


and the fix is still under discussion at:


>     http://gerrit.ovirt.org/20300
>     http://gerrit.ovirt.org/21357
> I suggest to take the pending patches into the ovirt-3.3 branch, and
> ship ovirt-3.3.2 with this feature enabled. We shall not release
> ovirt-3.3.2 before we are assured by quality engineering that we have
> no regression to main Vdsm code. If we do not receive this green light,
> and there's urgency to release ovirt-3.3.2, we'd fork and ship 3.3.2 only
> with the urgent fixes.

Either we decide that bz1033942 is not a blocker (not severe enough or
unrelated to 20209), or we'll have to postpone the merge of this series.

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