VDSM sync meeting Monday December 2th 2013

- Douglas going to make tests between VDSM and Fedora 20

- Antoni will rework on the 'make dist check' patches.

- Dan raised to have virt functional tests for checking vdsm failure/disconnect versus reconnect. Antoni going to check with Martin.

- Federico going to review:
  tests: Add simple mocking library

- Antoni raised the thread:
  seobject vdsm master install


- Yaniv going to check with Federico the ovirt-host-deploy/libvirt fallback problem.

- Dan raised that we are going to increase the version of iscsi (rpm dependency)

- Federico to review Douglas's doc about building new release:


- tarball release - Yaniv is going to talk with infra team to check the best way to provide the vdsm tarball and patches. We never done it before, until now only provided the srpm/rpm builds.

- The below patch going to be verified:
  Removing hack for stopping libvirt-guests as conflict service

- Fedora rpm branches and vdsm beta/stable builds.
  Yaniv and Douglas to push new beta 3.3.2 vdsm rpm into master branch.

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