as you may know, we're planning to build oVirt 3.4.0 beta really soon and 
release 3.4.0 by end of January.
A tracker bug (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1024889) has been 
created for this release.

The following is a list of the current blocker bugs with target 3.4.0:
Whiteboard      Bug ID  Summary
storage 1032686 [RFE] API to save OVF on any location
storage 1032679 [RFE] Single Disk Snapshots
network 987813  [RFE] report BOOTPROTO and BONDING_OPTS independent of 

The following is a list of the bugs with target 3.4.0 not yet fixed:

Whiteboard      Bug ID  Summary
gluster         1008980 [oVirt] Option 'Select as SPM' available for a host in 
gluster-only mode of oVirt
gluster         1038988 Gluster brick sync does not work when host has multiple 
i18n            1033730 [es-ES] need to revise the "create snapshot" translation
infra           870330  Cache records in memory
infra           904029  [engine-manage-domains] should use POSIX parameter form 
and aliases as values
infra           979231  oVirt Node Upgrade: Support N configuration
infra           986882  tar which is used by host-deploy is missing from fedora 
minimal installation
infra           995362  [RFE] Support firewalld
infra           1016634 Performance hit as a result of duplicate updates to 
VdsDynamic in VdsUpdateRuntimeInfo
infra           1023751 [RFE] Create Bin Overrider for application context 
files changes we do in JRS
infra           1023754 [RFE] add trigger to stop etl connection via engine db 
infra           1023759 [RFE] re-implement SSO solution based on JRS new SSO 
infra           1023761 [RFE] Build nightly JRS builds based on latest JRS 
infra           1028793 systemctl start vdsmd blocks if dns server unreachable
infra           1032682 Refactor authentication framework in engine
infra           1035844 [oVirt][infra] Add host/Reinstall radio button text not 
infra           1045350 REST error during VM creation via API
infra           1046611 [oVirt][infra] Device custom properties syntax check is 
integration     789040  [RFE] Log Collector should be able to run without 
asking questions
integration     967350  [RFE] port dwh installer to otopi
integration     967351  [RFE] port reports installer to otopi
integration     1023752 [RFE] add upstream support for Centos el6 arch.
integration     1024028 [RFE] add trigger to stop etl connection via engine db 
integration     1028489 [RFE] pre-populate ISO DOMAIN  with 
rhev-tools-setup.iso (or equiv)
integration     1028913 'service network start' sometimes fails during setup
integration     1037663 F20 - ovirt-log-collector: conflicts with file from 
package sos-3.0-3.fc20.noarch
integration     1039616 Setting shmmax on F19 is not enough for starting 
network         987832  failed to add ovirtmgmt bridge when the host has static 
network         1001186 With AIO installer and NetworkManager enabled, the 
ovirtmgmt bridge is not properly configured
network         1010663 override mtu field allows only values up to 9000
network         1018947 Yum update to oVirt 3.3 from 3.1.0 fails on CentOS 6.4 
with EPEL dependency on python-inotify
network         1037612 [oVirt][network][RFE] Add "sync" column to hosts sub 
tab under networks main tab
network         1040580 [RFE] Apply networks changes to multiple hosts
network         1040586 [RFE] Ability to configure network on multiple hosts at 
network         1043220 [oVirt][network][RFE] Add Security-Group support for 
Neutron based networks
network         1043230 Allow configuring Network QoS on host interfaces
network         1044479 Make an iproute2 network configurator for vdsm
network         1048738 [oVirt][network][RFE] Add subnet support for neutron  
based networks
network         1048740 [oVirt][network][RFE] Allow deleting Neutron based 
network (in Neutron)
network         1048880 [vdsm][openstacknet] Migration fails for vNIC using OVS 
+ security groups
sla             994712  Remove underscores for pre-defined policy names
sla             1038616 [RFE] Support for hosted engine
storage         888711  PosixFS issues
storage         961532  [RFE] Handle iSCSI lun resize
storage         1009610 [RFE] Provide clear warning when SPM become 
inaccessible and needs fencing
storage         1034081 Misleading error message when adding an existing 
Storage Domain
storage         1038053 [RFE] Allow domain of multiple types in a single Data 
storage         1045842 After deleting image failed ui display message: Disk 
gluster-test was successfully removed from...
ux              784779  [webadmin][RFE] Login page. Add a link to welcome page
ux              1014859 [RFE] improve context-sensitive help csv mapping files
ux              1035566 [RFE] [oVirt][webadmin] Change comment column title to 
icon, and move to right of name
ux              1048916 sub-tab events in different main-tabs are being 
virt            953340  console from rhevm-shell/ovirt-shell using spicec does 
not work (linux client)
virt            975730  [RFE] pass session id to spice via mime type to allow 
spice Menu Using REST
virt            987957  [RFE] edit VM dialog - nics appear in random order (not 
sorted by name)
virt            1031040 [RFE] RunOnce dialog can not set a vnc keymap itself
virt            1033547 [RFE] Configure both SPICE and VNC display console
virt            1035279 Allow to disable SSO per VM
virt            1038587 Show name of the template in General tab for a vm if 
the vm is deployed from template via clone allocation.
virt            1040088 [RFE] Add FreeBSD to the list of VM operating systems
virt            1043469 ovirt-guest-agent for openSUSE
virt            1043471 ovirt-guest-agent for SLES
virt            1043473 ovirt-guest-agent for Ubuntu
virt            1043474 ovirt-guest-agent for Debian
                753296  [RFE] Enable FIPS mode
                753306  SR-IOV support
                753309  [RFE] Workaround for enable/disable services via 
persist cmd
                806317  [RFE] ovirt-node regenerates kdump ramdisk image on 
every boot
                832000  Reduce number of kargs to enable a better automated 
installation with PXE
                846963  [oVirt-node] Upgrade ovirt-node with "ovirt_upgrade" 
parameter failed
                850386  Introduce new systemd-rpm macros in ovirt-node spec file
                893950  Make ovirt-node more FHS
                908902  Add specififc log handlers (log files) for transactions 
and ui
                909369  Use blivet during installation
                918270  Refactor and isolate block device discovery
                918957  [TUI] Confirmation for reboot
                947406  Add notice field
                947407  Status of caps-lock should be shown near password fields
                953870  Migrate to livemedia-creator
                966320  ovirt node will also enable ipv4 with dhcp protocol 
when only setting ipv6 with dhcp
                966498  Change sensitivity of widgets recursively
                969340  Migrate ovirt-node-installer backend and 
ovirt-auto-install backend to new code base
                974609  Add correct suffixes to scripts
                979067  [RFE] Add generic container handling
                979078  [RFE] <RETURN> can be used to Save a page
                979389  [RFE] use asciidoc for man pages
                980064  [RFE] Add mouse support to the console
                987824  [RFE] Need to add roll up and down ability to mouse 
control in multipage
                988337  Shown incorrect info for the item "VLAN ID" after 
configured nic with "vlan".
                988341  Should not create bond when report an error in 
configuration process
                995994  Could not add Fedora host when its version becomes 
"oVirt Node Hypervisor"
                997049  Allow nested transactions
                1001947 KeyboardInterrupt Exception when click mouse on UI
                1001950 RFE: same action on all ovirt-node-install page for 
press enter
                1002176 Not enough debugging informations in log files
                1002620 [RFE] Create central augeas object
                1003234 password.py: Using "set_admin_password" to change admin 
password failed in single mode
                1005148 [RFE] Add documentation on how to deploy Node with 
                1007191 RFE:  Support "BOOTIF=bondname" in auto-install 
                1008891 Installer goes to next page after returning from shell
                1011901 Report traceback infos about errors when starting 
ntpdate, rpcidmapd and rpcgssd services ...
                1013520 Miss some console info to show status by using 
"ovirt-node-upgrade" to upgrade ovirt-node
                1020227 /var/log/lastlog is missing
                1021647 Shared configuration keys to pass management 
                1026646 Better to disable "enter" button works for the fan 
status table of ipmi page
                1027110 Better to disable cim transaction run and prompt 
ConfirmationDialog when configuring cim without providing password
                1027130 edit-node: Better to rename iso_name more simpler when 
install multiple packages
                1027161 plugin info shown incorrectly in plugins page when 
install multiple packages
                1029033 Link status shows disconnected although the cable is 
                1032373 [RFE] enhance edit-node man page for uid/gid options 
help info a bit more
                1032374 [RFE] edit-node:Support specify multiple user, 
uid/group, gid elements changed
                1035441 [RFE] Sync versions between ovirt-node and overall ovirt

Please set the target to 3.4.0 and add the bug to the tracker if you think that 
3.4.0 should not be released without it fixed.

Please also update the target to 3.4.1 or any next release for bugs that won't 
be in 3.4.0: it will ease gathering the blocking bugs for next releases.

For those who want to help testing the bugs, I suggest to add yourself as QA 
contact for the bug.

Sandro Bonazzola
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