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Change subject: logging: add and use new devel logger

Patch Set 5:

File lib/vdsm/

Line 135
Line 136
Line 137
Line 138
Line 139
This is the major issue here - the application using this library does not have
any control over warnings.

Line 142: 
Line 143: 
Line 144: _devel.warning(
Line 145:     "vdscli uses xmlrpc. since ovirt 3.6 xmlrpc is deprecated, please 
use "
Line 146:     "vdsm.jsonrpcvdscli")
One issue with this - vdscli is a library used outside vdsm - users of this 
library must use logging level of ERROR, or configure the devel logger, 
otherwise they will see this warning in their logs, or worse in their stderr.

I think this change is better then what we had before, but in general we should 
avoid such warnings in library code.
Line 147: 
Line 148: 
Line 149: if __name__ == '__main__':
Line 150:     print('connecting to %s:%s ssl %s ts %s' % (

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