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Change subject: storage: Use mismatched_vm_conf_disk workaround in copy_data

Patch Set 1:

File vdsm/storage/sdm/api/

Line 62
Line 63
Line 64
Line 65
Line 66
> If we add a is_bad_vm_conf() method to DivEndpoint:
I am not splitting the test from the fix in workaround.detect_format anymore.  
Therefore, I'll go back to putting this inside CopyDataDIVEndpoint.qemu_format.

Line 119:             if workarounds.mismatched_vm_conf_disk(self._vol):
Line 120:                 self._qemu_format = qemuimg.FORMAT.RAW
Line 121:             else:
Line 122:                 self._qemu_format = sc.fmt2str(self._vol.getFormat())
Line 123:         return self._qemu_format
> We need this check only for the source image, and then we want to apply the
I agreed with you earlier but in reality I think it needs to be here.  
workarounds.detect_format takes volume object but even if we changed it to 
accept the three scalar values needed to make the decision (vdsm md format, 
path, and size) this logic is not endpoint agnostic.  The only object which 
should supply a vdsm volume metadata value is a DIVEndpoint.  For this reason, 
I want to keep it here in the property since it is relevant only for vdsm 
volume source endpoints.  If we make the assumption that we are not changing 
the format on the fly when we copy then we will just use this value for the 
source and destination format value when calling qemuimg.convert.
Line 124: 
Line 125:     @property
Line 126:     def backing_path(self):
Line 127:         parent_vol = self._vol.getParentVolume()

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