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Change subject: vdsm: virt: add optional container support

Patch Set 51: Code-Review-1

File lib/vdsm/

PS51, Line 33: _runtimes = frozenset()
I have inner hate for how this is further "calculated" (also considering the 
followup patch) - do we *have to* use the frozenset? I can't see the benefit of 
overwriting frozenset 3 times over |='ing it.
File lib/vdsm/

PS51, Line 99: def _is_cmd(argv, reqv):
Why this isn't attribute of SuperVdsmCommand class? It's slight implementation 
leak imho.

PS51, Line 113: def _call(ret):
Same as above, I believe it should be __call__ on top of that (internally 
calling self._execute).

PS51, Line 153:  
container connection

PS51, Line 161: ev

PS51, Line 177: For clearing connections during the tests.
Only? Runtime code shouldn't be polluted by test helpers.
File vdsm/virt/

PS51, Line 167: all_vms
s/vms/domains ?

PS51, Line 177: def _all_vms_from_runtime(cif):
s/vms/domains ?

Also, what does runtime mean in this context? We're not in any runtime in 
recovery flow afaik.
File vdsm/virt/

PS51, Line 1657: if is_kvm(self.conf):
My vote for split or helper function remains.

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