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Change subject: virt.vmdevices.core: Add Lease device

Patch Set 4:

File vdsm/virt/vmdevices/

Line 642:     __slots__ = ("id", "sd_id", "path", "offset")
Line 643: 
Line 644:     @classmethod
Line 645:     def update_device_info(cls, vm, device_conf):
Line 646:         # TODO: update conf from libvirt info
> No, maybe this is not needed?
Depends if we expect "unmanaged leases" - can't think of other reason to look 
look for this.
Line 647:         pass
Line 648: 
Line 649:     def __init__(self, conf, log, **kwargs):
Line 650:         super(Lease, self).__init__(conf, log, **kwargs)

Line 654:         :param uuid id: Lease id, e.g. volume id for a volume lease, 
or vm id
Line 655:             for a vm lease
Line 656:         :param uuid sd_id: Storage domain uuid where lease file is 
Line 657:         :param str path: Path to lease file or block device
Line 658:         :param int offset: Offset in lease file in bytes
> My plan is to move all vdsm to this style (sphinx).
Was it properly discussed upstream?
Line 659:         """
Line 660:         # TODO: validate arguments
Line 661: 
Line 662:     def setup(self):

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