That tiny bit of information just answered tons of questions. Thank you!

So now I know how to properly handle all new incoming LTO4 tapes. And
ensure they wind up in the LTO4 scratch pool. In order to ensure LTO3s
wind up in a "dead pool" for old tapes, do I simply enter "L3" as the
barcode rule? And when are these rules actually processed? I know it's
used when injecting new tapes, but what other situations does it apply
these rules?

On 05/26/2010 12:16 PM, wrote:
> Bar code rules can be viewed....
> Go to the gui and act like you are going to inject tapes into your library
> Choose the radio button for update volume configuration
> This will then un-gray the advanced options
> Click that button and you will see a screen where you configure the barcode 
> rules ( you should be able to find this in the volume manger manual)
> Now the barcode rules are based on what it finds when it scans the barcodes 
> on the tapes.
> If you lto3 tapes have a L3 in the barcode then you can make a rule telling 
> it 
> L3's go to  <old pool>
> Make your rules and put 1 l3 and 1 l4 in the map and inject the tapes, then 
> see if the tapes end up in the pools you want them to.
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> Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] LTO3 to LTO4 conversion
> Getting ready to load in the new LTO4 tapes, but I'm still having a hard
> time planning the right way to do it. I assume I can make a new LTO4
> scratch pool that will store all my initial blank media. I disable the
> existing scratch pool and this will ensure that only new LTO4 tapes are
> rotated into my other pools. But how do I make sure the existing LTO3
> tapes that expire are not put back into this new LTO4 scratch pool?
> People keep mention barcode rules/labels but I've been unable to find
> what this means or where to view/manage these. If I were to make new
> duplicate LTO4 pools for my other volumes (production4, ndmp4, offsite4,
> etc) would this ensure none of the existing LTO3 tapes are reused?
> I've been digging through the Media Manager (5.1) Admin manual for a
> better understanding of how NBU uses scratch/pools and expires tapes,
> but nothing really seems to explain how it works, just how to manage
> general tasks. If anyone can help answer my questions and also provide a
> better place for me to focus studying on I'd appreciate it.
> Thanks.
> On 05/03/2010 10:23 AM, Nate Sanders wrote:
>> Forgive me for what may be a straight forward question, but our last
>> backup admin has left and I'm doing my best to step up and keep our
>> systems moving along. I'm looking for a general outline of an LTO3 to
>> LTO4 conversion with Netbackup 5.1 (upgrading is on the list, but we
>> can't wait to complete it). Right now we still have some LTO2 tapes, and
>> I believe I must migrate and/or eject and store these in order to
>> complete the conversion. Are there any other gotchas or need to knows I
>> must be aware of?
>> Thank you much.
>> P.S. New member to the list, working on getting scheduled for some
>> on-line courses.

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