Hi Team,

I have been given this task to move the NDMP backups from one master server to 

The current master server backups up NDMP to CDL (Clariion Disk Libraries) 
typical environment via SAN.

 Now the new master server has no TL/VTL/CDL its just has Datadomain used as 
netbackup openstorage device.

Now my question is this .

Do I have to procure VTL license from DATADOMAIN in order to do NDMP backups ?

If I do NDMP backups to Datadomain open storage device will it have any 
performance implications ?

Another point that crossed my mind is this : openstorage backups would be via 
LAN not via SAN would that reduce the speed of ndmp backups to great levels ?

Anyone who has implement Netbackup NDMP backups on Datadomain please provide me 
with their valueable inputs.

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