Check the bpdbm log and the bperror for the backupid.


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Subject: [Veritas-bu] Duplication missing?


Yesterday I ran a manual bpduplicate command to duplicate an image from one of 
our dedupe units to tape.


This morning the job shows as completed successfully but bpimaglist for the 
backup ID shows only Frag 1 (which is copy 1 on the Dedupe unit).   For 
duplication done by vaulting this command would typically show Frag 2 (copy 2) 
on tape as well but doesn’t for this one.


There are no errors in the job in Activity Monitor and in fact it exited with 
status 0.  It shows it successfully mounted a tape for the duplication. bperror 
–jobid on that job ID also shows it successfully made a copy 2.


The only thing I can think is that I used “-rl infinity” to specify retention 
level and perhaps it wants numeric level rather than text (e.g. RL 9 = 
infinity).    As a test I kicked off another duplication today using “-rl 
bogustext” and it started without complaint so it appears it takes invalid 
runlevel text.   Is it possible this forced it to set –rl to 0 and immediately 
expired the duplicate?  If so what log would show me the duplicate being 


I’ve kicked off a new duplication running –rl 9 but this will take several 
hours to run.   Does anyone have any clue why I wouldn’t see the copy in 
bpimagelist if it isn’t the run level that’s the problem?








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