Ok this is my understanding, and you will have to look at the logs to make 

My understanding is that each tape channel defined in rman translates to one 
netbackup child job on the backup server. Or a sequence of netbackup jobs.

These 6 jobs have all  the normal scheduling issues. 
On backup you have to watch the maxjobs effect, available tape drives etc. 
I know if the tape streams are multiplexed there is a delay that you can change 
that keeps the job from starting right away, to give the system time to start 
the other child jobs. If all the child jobs are started before the delay time 
then they will all stream at the same time. 
But if three are running and three are waiting for the same set of tapes and 
the mpx was 1, then most likely it was only writing 3 tapes at once so is only 
reading three tapes at restore time. 

You might check if the tapes are rewound as part of the restore process. 
You could look at the meta data on the tape and see the what the datetimes etc 
are for the images. 
You might ask the dba to go over the debug info that rman can put out with you. 

Also I think that besides the number of tape channels define in the rman 
(oracle client stuff not nbu) there are other settings for max things.

Do you have the netbackup rman client logs turned on with verbose =5 or 6

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Well...my initial analysis for the DBA was that RMAN was allocating 6 channels 
but 3 active streams were spinning tapes and the 3 waiting streams were waiting 
on tapes that were currently being restored from. This didn't make the DBA 
happy and wanted all 6 streams to be streaming data.

Sometimes I just don't make myself very clear. :)

Just trying to figure out who has control of what and when so I can better see 
what is going on so that I can provide better feedback to my customers.

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