Actually that's the option that we'd propose to the DBA if they don't 
want to put the database in archive logging mode (which is out option 
#1). Unfortunately we have a meeting to go over all the options tomorrow 
and even if any solution comes out of that meeting it probably won't be 
implemented until sometime next week. So before that happens, we need to 
disable the alerts.

Darren Dunham wrote:
>> We need to disable VCS monitoring on two oracle resources during a 
>> certain period of the day. We are doing this because we have two 
>> oracle databases (in the same service group) that are brought down 
>> (with oracle command) for cold backup every night. When VCS notices 
>> the database is down, it sends out an alert to our page phone saying 
>> the oracle resource is faulted vis the notifier. As a short term 
>> solution, we want to disable the agent monitoring on the oracle 
>> resource while the database is shut down for backup.
> Why not ask VCS to stop the database (via hares)?  Then it won't notify
> you that its down. 
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