> I suppose this is because the device paths don't get cleaned even with
> devfsadm -C.

Close.  'devfsadm -C' removes device files if the *device* is gone.
However in your case the device is still present (but no longer
connected to storage).

How a device is handled depends on your storage driver(s).  Some can
handle removal without a reboot, some can't.

Best would be if you could go in with cfgadm and disable the storage.

> However the devices definitely don't exist anymore. I've deleted the
> disk from the SAN long time ago.

I think the Solaris device does still exist in the kernel and storage
driver.  Does "long time ago" mean before or after the last reboot?

> How would you remove the dangling device entries (without rebooting) if
> devfsadm -C doesn't clear them? The server has Sol8 + VxVM5.0.

You have to ask the device driver to do it, and there's no global way of
asking.  'cfgadm disable ...' would be the usual way for a recent
Sun-supplied san driver.

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