Munish Dhawan wrote:
> Hi Friends,
> I have one DG having one volume which is a stripe  of 13 disks ( 
> single plex). Now
> vxassist -g dgname maxsize says No volume can't be made from these 
> constraints.
> vxdg -g dgname free shows in length column of all 13 disks of value 
> 128 blocks
> 1) my question is why vxassist maxsize is not showing any free space 
> in DG ?
Perhaps your volume is already allocated all space on those disks? It 
would be easy to
see in vxprint -ht <volume>
128 blocks is like 64k. basically nothing..

> 2) if I have to increase the volume. what is the minimum no of disks I 
> have to add to the DG ? what would be the easiest and wisest way for 
> doing this ?
theoretically one disk using vxassist relayout, but in practice you also 
need a little scratch space in order for the relayout to do its thing.

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