I personally purchased versions earlier this year as a replacement for
the some-what dodgy and unreliable svn support for Eclipse (and also
so I could migrate from Perforce).  While I have two computers (one
home and one work notebook), I've have only ever used Versions within
the scope of the license agreement (that has been somewhat ambiguous
until recently) - Only ever on one machine at a time.

While I travel extensively (globally) and often use my notebook (and
Versions) on different networks, I've only ever connected to a single
SVN server and there has only been a single instance (with my license
key, name and email address) running anywhere in the world.  No one
has access to my license key.  It's never been given to anyone.

Until recently everything has been going brilliantly.  I've even
recommended Versions to a bunch of my colleagues and they have
switched to using it - including paying for it personally.  However,
I've now hit a wall.  A very big wall.

The problem with Versions 1.0.3b56 is that is only permits one or two
installations for a single license key (even with the same name and
email address).  There have been numerous posts on this forum about
such difficulties and I gathered things have been resolved.  I was

How did I find this out?  Last week my new notebook arrived and I've
found that my License key no longer permits registration, even when I
try the process on both a public or private corporate network.  Worse,
after cleaning up my home computer and then attempting to re-register
Versions, it also now fails.

Consequently I no longer have ANY registered copies of Versions.


1. I could purchase another license (because it's such a nice piece of
software) - but I am only attempting to use my licenses in a
legitimate matter!!

2. I could request a new key - but will I have to do this everytime I
change computers / need to re-install?

3. Switch to another product that doesn't have such a draconian
licensing scheme and won't waste so much of my (and my teams) future

Let me make a simple comparison: If you think Microsoft's Activation
is bad, Versions is significantly worse, especially for re-installs.

It's obvious that the authorization server/service is completely
broken for re-installs of Versions and although I think the software
is brilliant, relatively inexpensive and stable, the re-registration
process is a time vampire - possibly costing more in lost time and
annoyance than the cost of the license itself.

Personally I'd like to say I'm going to stop using Versions, but it's
not my choice.  The software (registration) itself is broken so I
can't use it.

Please please please FIX THE AUTHORIZATION SERVER so that legitimate
people can use the software that they've legitimately purchased.

[PS: I'll happily post back here again saying how wonderful everything
is when this is fixed]

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