I'm developing Mac applications using Zinc and Flash. When I'm done it
produces a .app file that can be run in OSX. Versions shows .app files
as folders and after committing will drop .svn folders within the .app
file. Now I understand that .app files is just a packaged folder and
that any folder/file with the extension .app will be treated as an
application in OSX.

So the problem that I have happens after my Checkout.app file has been
committed to my repository. I do another build and compile a new
Checkout.app file which overwrites the one that was committed (thus
deleting all .svn files contained within the Checkout.app file). Then
Versions shows an error with the new Checkout.app file and will not
commit because of the missing .svn files. I get the following message:

'/Users/larry.gordon/dev/projects/trunk/bin/Checkout.app' is not a
working copy
Can't open file '/Users/larry.gordon/dev/projects/trunk/bin/
Checkout.app/.svn/entries': No such file or directory

How can I continue to update my Checkout.app file and also keep it
backed up in the repository?

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