There is no public-facing bug database or tracking tool, by choice of the developers. That can be argued as good or bad, but I tend to agree with the devs that the extra effort to be transparent (e.g. blogging) comes at the expense of development time, and a public bug database would require much more effort to screen and triage bug reports. In addition, some developers (myself included, usually) work most productively without people (managers, users, etc.) hovering over them and constantly cracking the "Is it done yet?" whip. Essentially, the only way you can "know" is when the dev team slips hints, or when the release hits. Consider it a parallel of the Apple model, which has obviously met with a large measure of success. :-)

I still defend my position that merge is not a strict requirement for an SVN client, but it is an obvious "2.0 feature". I'm reading "The Inmates Are Running The Asylum" and I very much agree with that design philosophy. You can never make all users ecstatic, but you can do so for a certain subset and build from there.

 - Quinn

On Sep 1, 2009, at 3:03 AM, Kerny wrote:


I'm needing this feature too (merge), I think like Shan that this
features is required for a Svn client, and I don't known this lack
when I bought my licence.
After all, I will do that with command line or Eclipse at this time.

But, where can we see the features in progress of the team ? I look
for a public Jira instance (or other issue tool) but I don't find it.
I may be simple for looking at feature in progress, request and when
they will be release.


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