Sergei Ossokine wrote:

> I've been playing around with for the last few days and I am unable to
> figure out how to make the following happen: suppose I have 2 data sets
> with different ranges in say the vertical axis. Then I use the "Hide
> object" option to hide one of them. Is there any way for the vertical axis
> to now be scaled to fit only the visible data set? This is what happens
> under similar circumstances in xmgrace and I was wondering if it can
> happen here.

I think the axis autoscaling ignores the hide attribute. I think this bug 
should be fairly easy to fix - I just need to check that hide isn't set 
before calling the autoscaling code.

> Also, I was wondering if it is possible to use the new object-oriented
> approach to create graphs not only from the embedding python interface but
> also from a .vsz file itself.

It should work fine, but I can't remember if I have tested it. You should 
have access to the Root object in the vsz file. You might need to use the --
unsafe-mode option on veusz if you do lots of python in your veusz file 
(like imports, etc).


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