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From: Jason Gofford <jason.a.goff...@gmail.com>
Date: 10 December 2011 20:49
Subject: Re: [Veusz-discuss] Importing XSPEC (QDP) contour plots?
To: Jeremy Sanders <jer...@jeremysanders.net>


Cheers for the prompt reply!

Unfortunately I didn't include 2D qdp support in the current release. I
> meant to add this, but ran out of time. I've now added it to the plugin
> here:
> https://github.com/**jeremysanders/veusz/raw/**
> 6722ab896834de60f409ae481e7970**79b9f3e8c6/plugins/**importplugin.py<https://github.com/jeremysanders/veusz/raw/6722ab896834de60f409ae481e797079b9f3e8c6/plugins/importplugin.py>
> You can replace the existing importplugin.py if you haven't got the binary
> version. It is possible to modify this and add it as a plugin to replace
> the existing version if that is useful - I can give instructions. I'm not
> sure it works if you have a complex dataset combining 2D and 1D data,
> however.

> An alternative way to get the data into veusz is to copy the xspec output
> when doing steppar and import this as 1d data. You can then use the 1st
> option in the 2d dataset create dialog box to create a 2d dataset from 1d
> x, y, z datasets.

Unfortunately, I'm using the OS X binary install. I tried to avoid using
the binary but had several compatibility/architecture issues when I
upgraded to Lion (I upgraded early..). Can i use the updated file with the
binary install, perhaps as a separate independent plugin just for contour
plots? I'm not too familiar with Python (yet) so I'm not too sure how to
write a plugin myself.

I don't think I'll be working with any datasets which combine 2D and 1D
data (unless xspec spectra or contour plots do that, I'm not too sure) so I
doubt I'll miss that functionality if it doesn't work.

Hope its not too much trouble, and cheers for your help..

Mr Jason A. Gofford
Astrophysics Group
Lennard-Jones Laboratories
Keele University
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