On 15/05/12 12:58, Simon Kleinknecht wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I am using Veusz to visualize the results of my experiments for quite
> some time now.
> Yesterday I processed the latest experimental data and I had to take out
> a few data samples because of inconsistency compared to the rest of the
> samples. I did that by replacing the specific data with "nan" in the
> .csv. Veusz is able to read "nan" entries and simply continues with the
> subsequent data points. However, Veusz leaves a gap when visualizing
> those data points (marker + plot line) and the curve I get is pretty
> hashed/chopped. What I would like to see is that Veusz leaves the marker
> out (so you can see that there is a data point missing) but continues
> the plot line to bridge the gap because the trend of the curve is obvious.
> Do you know whether Veusz is able to do that (I couldn't find anything)
> or do you know some kind of workaround?

One workaround would be to use the Filter->Expression dataset operation.
You can use an expression of isfinite(datawithnans).
If you filter the x and y datasets with this expression, the line could
be plotted separately.


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