Me thinks this is a good idea! In particular, looking at which features are 
most frequently used/not used can also help improve the design and features. 

Recording crashes and sending over a dump will be exceedingly useful in 
improving stability. 

Making public the recorded data can help assure privacy concerns. 

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On 23 May, 2013, at 16:51, Jeremy Sanders <> wrote:

> Would anyone object if I were to add optional anonymous usage statistics to 
> Veusz? I think it would be quite nice to know how many people are using it.
> The idea I had in mind would be if the program was used for more than a few 
> days, it would pop up a dialog box asking whether to send anonymous 
> statistics.
> If so, the program would download a particular web page monthly or every two 
> weeks. On average, the number of downloads of this page per month would give 
> some indication of the usage. It might also record the date of original 
> installation, to get an idea of the time used.
> I have some other ideas which might be more controversial:
> - Record statistics of plot widget types used - might be helpful to identify 
> which features are being used
> - Record statistics of import data file types
> - Record statistics of dialog boxes used
> - How often the program is used
> Does anyone have any opinions? Is this a good idea? How far should it go?
> Jeremy
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