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It's pretty hard to support Mac when I don't have a dedicated mac system. It also looks like few people are using it, if obvious bugs only appear several months after a beta.

It might be good to drop binary support for Mac and letting anyone interested do this, test it properly and fix mac bugs.

On 07/06/13 23:19, Cody wrote:

1) Colorbars for 2D images no longer show labels or values!
This is a big one.

They appear to work for me. The mandelbrot example shows them. Have you got a reproducible example?

2) The import data window does not automatically rise to the top.
Right now, if i want to import data, I choose Data -> Import,
and then I have to click on the Veusz icon
in the tray to bring the data import window to the foreground.

This was reported to me a few days ago. I don't know why it happens. It's related to moving to the Cocoa version of Qt. It seems that windows and dialogs often don't appear.I only knowns if I change the CFBundleIdentifier for the package, it goes away. I can only guess this is being stored somewhere and for some reason is making new windows invisible. Unfortunately, as I'm not a mac developer it's hard to think how to fix this.

It would be interesting to know if this isn't a problem for anyone.

3) Importing data with spaces as separators is now clunky
and unreliable. It used to be (I think?) that if there were multiple
spaces between columns, Veusz would treat them as one space
for the delimiter. Now, the import
routine is much stricter and treats multiple
spaces as their own (blank) columns.

Are you sure about this? The self test routines probably would have picked up a change like this.

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