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On 15/09/16 20:43, Sabya Sachi Chatterjee wrote:

                         I sent a request few days back and I have faced
this problem many times  in physics that is filling the curve between
two different curves. can you please tell me if there is solution to
this in veusz.

There are currently two options:

1. Use the function widget to fill under one function. Use the function widget to fill under the second using the background colour (white).

This has disadvantages: if the functions cross this won't work, it will plot over other widgets.

2. Create a new range dataset over the range you want plotting. Data->Create Dataset->Value or Range: enter a number of steps, then enter the range as e.g. 1:10.

Add an XY plotter and plot something like


Where func1 and func2 are your functions of the created dataset (xds here), e.g.


Switch the xy plotter error style to fillvert. Turn of the plotting symbols and line, if required. This draws the filled region as error bars.

Otherwise, please extend the function plotter to plot between functions. I welcome contributions.

Best wishes


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