Alan- If you use that Arizona fly fish clubs medicine you will soon see lots 
of snakes!   Dail Graham
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> And I can remember back in scouting days.  The
> scoutmaster would always say to us assitants,
> "I'm bringing some snakebite medicine.  Who's
> bringing the snake?"
>>I remember when I used to go fishing with the
>>Arizona Flycasters Club on outings. we were all
>>deathly afraid of getting bit by rattlesankes so
>>we made a gallon of "Anti-snake Bite Juice"
>>A fifth of Southern Comfort, a fifth of Vodka, a
>>fifth of rye whiskey and if anyone brought
>>scotch it would go in also.
>>Must have worked just fine cause no one ever got bit by a rattler.....LOL
>>---- "Jimmy D. Moore" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>  I thought a little levity was in order for the day, since all we hear
>>>  and see is how bad things are.  Yep, I wrote this, so if you take issue
>>>  with any part of it or don't get even a tiny laugh, just E-mail me. . .
>>>  . . . .  Oh never mind.  Me, I don't give a damn.
>>>  Have a Good Un!
>>>  JIMMY D
>>>  " In my younger days, some of my buds and I played in a Twi-Light golf
>>>  tournament each Wednesday evening during the summer.  Entry fee was 
>>> $10.
>>>   Cheap enough.  At each Tee Box was a garbage can of iced down  Lone
>>>  Star Beer.  Seemed that the more we drank, the better we played and
>>>  whether or not we won the pot, we didn't care.  Most of us got our $10
>>>  back in the beer we drank. That was the most fun I ever had playing
>>>  golf. I remember putting out on the 18th with onlooker's cars parked in
>>>  the grass and their headlights shining on the green so we could see how
>>>  to putt, those of us who could still stand up. :-P
>>>  I'm sure we could work something similar with trout fishing and 
>>> whiskey.
>>>   ( I chose whiskey instead of beer, since that's our stereotype image -
>>>  pipe smoking, fancy whiskey drinking, tweedy, hoite toite Abercrombie &
>>>  Fitch appearance.)  18 garbage cans of cold whiskey would be a little
>>>  'over the top', so we could use small buckets filled with miniatures of
>>>  our favorite whiskeys, placing them in the cold water at the edge of
>>>  selected pools, riffles and runs. Total cost would be minimal as would
>>>  the entry fee.  It would be understood that we'd each down a bottle of
>>>  our preference at each placement of the whiskey. It'd be great fun and
>>>  we wouldn't give a damn who won or if we caught any trout. This being a
>>>  whiskey drinking contest, fish caught wouldn't count anyway. ;-)
>>>  Those still standing at the end would be declared the winner(s)  and
>>>  would receive a 'Texas Fifth' of McKendric Mesquite Mellowed whiskey -
>>>  McKendric Longhorn Creek or McKendric Western.   Each of us would
>>>  probably need a 'designated caster' after downing dozen or so bottles.
>>>  His job would also entail keeping us from drowning and seeing us home
>>>  safely.
>>>  Why would Abercrombie & Fitch types stoop so low as to enter an event
>>>  like this?  Why indeed?  Most folk of this type boast of how  much
>>>  whiskey they can drink and still be standing.  I think it's called
>>>  PRIDE. In this case, PRIDE BEFORE THE FALL ! :-P  My money would be on
>>>  the bourbon drinkers, since we're not quite as tweedy, and therefore
>>>  tougher than the A&F bunch.
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>>>  North Zone Fishing Editor - Texas Fish & Game Mag,
>>>  Author - Moon Holler Misfits Fishing & Hunting Club,
>>>  Humorist, Past VP Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited,
>>>  Member TOWA, Retired Scout Exec. BSA.
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> Allan Fish
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