John: Can I ask where you found the hooks??? Aren't they no longer in 
production??? Thanks, Chuck

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Tiemco 32

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I'm looking forward to examing your size 32 Royal Wulfs.  Question: What
brand of  size 32 hook did you use to tie your Wulfs?  Tiemco? Mustad?
 A 32 Mustad is much larger than a Tiemco 32.  Also, does your 32's have
a hook eye or a spade?  There is a big difference between sizes among
different manufacturers.


John C. Bennett wrote:

>It took me a while to tie them all but 25 size 32 Royal Wolffs are on their 
>way to your place of residence. My eyes still hurt from trying to see the 
>little buggers.
>I hope that everyone enjoys them and thanks again for hosting the swap.


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