He will be missed.

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I am so sorry to hear that.  Charlie was definitely one in a million 
(billion?).  I still remember at the Sowbug about 4 years ago he asked if 
Brandon was going to be going fishing.  Since we only had one vehicle we 
were not going to be able to so Charlie asked if he could take Brandon to 
Dry Run Creek.  Charlie had the patience of a saint and took the time with 
Brandon to teach him fly fishing.  Brandon caught an approximately 5 lb. 
rainbow there and will always remember that experience.  I think he also 
took Brandon the next two years.  Charlie was one of his best buddies.  He 
will be crushed to hear he passed away.  Charlie was definitely a credit to 
the support as well as a credit to humanity.  His family is definitely in 
our prayers.
Bruce Whittle

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Just got the word that Charlie Bonner passed away.  No details on
funeral, memorials yet.
Please keep Charlie's family in your prayers.


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